About Bayit’s Builders Blog

hanging-mezuzahWelcome to Bayit’s Builders Blog!

This blog will feature a curated flow of posts by innovators, thinkers, teachers, rabbis, laypeople, and most importantly do-ers, exploring innovation and building in Jewish life. Our goal is to dig into questions such as:

  • What’s happening in Jewish life today that’s exciting, compelling, meaningful, and real?
  • How do we know when something works?
  • What makes innovation meaningful? What makes a “good” innovation? What makes a lasting innovation?
  • What are people building now to contain and further their yearnings for a Judaism that is yet to be?
  • What happens when we read Torah through a lens that presumes that it holds instructions for how all of us can be builders of the Jewish future?

Builders Blog is a project of Bayit: Your Jewish Home:

Bayit: Your Jewish Home brings together people committed to building a soulful, inclusive and meaningful Jewish life for all ages and stages.  Partnering broadly with individuals and communities, Bayit develops, tests, refines and distributes tools for a Jewish future always under construction.

Our other initial projects include publishing, a lifecycle resources website, and an innovation pilot program. Here’s our animating vision: The Call to Build. To learn more, click through to Bayit: Your Jewish Home.